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Cameron Haddow

Cameron Haddow is the co-owner of Bolair Fluid Handling Systems with his brother, Gregory.

With over 20 years of experience in the fluid handling industry, Cameron brings a wealth of management experience from his former role of General Manager of the luxury suites and catering at the Rogers Center (formerly SkyDome) in Toronto. Passionate about two component equipment for coatings and foam, Cameron also has a strong understanding and experience with liquid and powder coatings for finishing as well as adhesive dispense applications.

Cameron holds an Honors Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Guelph in addition to constantly staying updated on the technology and applications in the fluid handling industry.

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Cameron Haddow Recent Publications

polyreau-machine (1)

For over three decades, polyurea has been an effective coating option that has various benefits. At the moment, it is considered one of the most versatile spray coatings because it has a wide range of use cases across industries.

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Roof coatings offer significant levels of protection for their underlying roofs from the sun, rain, and other weather conditions, thanks to their characteristic thickness. Similar to thick paint, several homebuilders and homeowners prefer roof coatings, particularly because it reduces tear-off, lowers energy costs, and creates a seamless membrane to ensure a longer lifespan.

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As the elements, be they sun, rain, wind, or hail, pound on your roof, they damage its coating over time. As this happens, it may begin to leak, exposing other parts of the house, or building, to damage. Depending on its extent, such damage can be costly to repair.

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You will be pleased to know that airless paint sprayers are convenient as they allow you to easily cover broad surfaces much quicker and with considerably less effort than with paintbrushes or paint rollers.

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Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions Around the Best Choice for Insulation

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Proper maintenance is essential to any professional equipment. Not only does regular maintenance protect your investment, but it also makes sure your equipment performs best when you need it most.

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Preventative maintenance involves regular equipment inspections of specific components to ensure your two-component dispensing systems continue to operate properly. Doing so helps to identify potential issues within the system and associated components, so you can respond to any problems before they become bigger and most costly issues.

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You’ve likely got an idea about adhesives and what they’re all about. The science of adhesion, however, is a less explored topic, but one that's critical for construction and manufacturing professionals to understand to get the most of out of the sealants and adhesives they’re using.

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Choosing the best insulation for your home is not always an easy process. Proper insulation limits risks such as ice dam building, higher energy costs, and moisture trapped in the attic that can lead to mould or mildew growth. Proper insulation also works as a type of noise reduction, and can last as long as 80 to 100 years.

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When choosing paint spray tips, it’s important to choose the right size based on the paint or coating that is being applied.

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