How Much Is Your Fluid Handling Equipment Really Costing You?

How Much Is Your Fluid Handling Equipment Really Costing You?

August 17th, 2017
Eric Emin Wood

Today’s fluid handling experts need top of the line equipment to stay competitive and support their processes. If equipment is old and outdated fluids won’t flow well, pumps get excessively noisy, and start “crashing” causing teams to lose time, and become a HUGE annoyance to their clients. Not only that but older or low quality equipment often begins leaking at the joints so your team may not only losing time but also wasting (sometimes costly!) materials. The longer it takes to complete jobs, the higher labour costs can surge - drastically cutting into your margins or worse, inflating your prices making it more difficult to even land contracts in the first place! 

Partnering with the right distributors will provide you with experts to bounce your questions off of and easily identify if the problems you might be experiencing are worth fixing - or if it’s time to invest in a new fluid handling system in order to get the best ROI. The best distributors get regular training and understand the products they sell inside and out so that they can advise you about how to strategically optimize your operations to produce better results and turn higher profits.

“But, my distributor hasn’t had a new product, tool or pricing incentive in years!” 

If you’re reading this and a particular fluid handling distributor comes to mind immediately, you just may be coming to terms with the fact that you've just noticed a big red flag. On top of a lack of communication from your Account Manager, you’re using the same products and tools you’ve been sold for the last 5-10 years. You may be asking, “has there not been a single product innovation in the last 5 years that we could use?”

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Maybe your old vendor had prices and service that you could live with while you were trying to achieve certain organizational goals.  But you’ve grown past those goals now!  Does your current situation provide you with the added flexibility, in price and performance, which you now need to get to the next level? We strive to put the needs of our partners first. To us, business relationships are more about long-term value for all parties. Products and services must evolve as new technology makes way for efficient processes to handle certain jobs. Our steadfast belief in offering world-class training (as well as our 35 years in business) speaks to that!

 We take pride in offering state-of-the-art training opportunities to help make the transition easier - whether that’s helping a current partner learn about a new product or on-boarding a new partner altogether.  Understanding our role in building successful relationships has led us to create a Whitepaper to help you with the process of evaluating your vendor/distributor partnerships and outline the steps you need to take to potentially make a change. 


Your goals are constantly changing and the processes you need to achieve them have to evolve as well. You’re not going to solve tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s tools are you? All good things must come to an end. Don’t allow one of those good things to be your company’s competitive edge.

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