Inferior Equipment: The Cost of Job Site Hazards

Inferior Equipment: The Cost of Job Site Hazards

October 06th, 2017
Eric Emin Wood

Workplace accidents are more common in the heavy industry and construction-related fields. A hazard is defined as any risk that possesses a danger to the life, health or normal functioning of a worker or a piece of equipment at the workplace. Their effects are experienced by the individual employee, the company, and the worker’s family.

Industrial and job site environments are inherently risky by nature. Workers owe it to themselves to ensure they’re familiar with training and safety procedures to reduce the chances of falling victim to a potentially dangerous workplace accident.

How Does Equipment Pose Workplace Hazards?
A poorly installed or maintained piece of equipment will fail at some point and could have dangerous consequences. If you are using an improper technique on a given machine, it may not function as expected and you may end up injuring yourself or your colleagues. Lifting heavy loads without securing them possess a danger to people and other equipment around the workplace.

The Effects of Workplace Hazards to Economic Well-Being

According to the International Labor Office (ILO), workplace accidents claim the lives of 2 million people globally every year, with an economic impact of $1.2 trillion annually. This financial impact is caused by accidents in the workplace, increases in worker absenteeism due to injury that, in some cases, can cause early retirement or an inability to work.Insurance companies also incur expenses to cover medical bills and loss of wages in cases where those involved are deemed unfit to return to their jobs.

It is critically important to carry out job site and workplace safety analysis to understand where and how accidents can occur, and provide you with an understanding of how to minimize or prevent them. Adopt the tools and procedures necessary to keep your workplace a safe environment, and ensure all staff is up-to-date and aware of precautions they must take when working with or around specific pieces of equipment. Doing so keeps your workers safe and your operation or job site working as efficiently as possible.



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