Retrofit or Scrap: What to Do with Your Aging Spray Equipment?

Retrofit or Scrap: What to Do with Your Aging Spray Equipment?

October 03rd, 2017
Eric Emin Wood

If you have ever worked on a spraying project with older equipment, then you know how tedious and exhausting it can be to use them. Older, inefficient equipment not only causes you to lose money but also impacts productivity. Deciding on whether to retrofit or scrap equipment is always a dilemma, and can be a particularly difficult decision if that piece of equipment has some sentimental value to you. But, investing in equipment that helps you boost efficiency and productivity impacts your bottom line positively, making your investment worth it in the long run. 

Retrofitting involves installing new parts on an old piece of equipment, kind of like putting a new engine in an old car. Scrapping a piece of equipment, however, is to finally decide it’s time to say goodbye to your trusty workplace equipment partner in exchange for a new one. Deciding between the two depends on your needs, and involves answering a number of questions you might have related to performance and optimization. 

There are many ways to ensure you make the most out of your aging spraying equipment, whether you are a construction or a manufacturing professional. 

Frequent Cleaning

Clean your equipment regularly and make sure that they self-dry. Wiping is also good, but only if you are in a hurry. Self-drying is recommended. 


Store your equipment in a dry place. Damp storage areas make your equipment particularly susceptible to rust. 

The nozzle

A good nozzle is critically important to a piece of spray equipment. It not only guarantees the quality of your work, it can also boost your confidence and protects your body and gear from splashing.

Rate controller

This tool provides insight to how fast you’re spraying. Using a faulty rate controller is much like driving with no speedometer - you assume you know how fast you’re driving, but your guess is likely wrong. Ensuring your rate controller is providing you with accurate readings get the job done correctly, keeps costs in check by not using too much spray material, and maximizes productivity.  

The best part of having great equipment is that you can provide the best spray project for your client. Maintaining your equipment properly provides the peace of mind that you’re getting the job done properly. If you have any reservations about how to go about maintaining your equipment, feel free to drop us a line and one our experts will be ready to talk to you. 

For over 35 years, Bolair has been committed to providing the highest quality fluid handling technologies to our customers. Reach out today to see how we can help you get familiar with the quality and easy-to-use spray foam insulation products we carry for any application, ready for deployment on your job site.

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