Spray Rig vs. Stand-Alone Spray Equipment

Spray Rig vs. Stand-Alone Spray Equipment

October 03rd, 2017
Eric Emin Wood

It is always a dilemma choosing between a spray rig and a stand-alone spraying equipment. Selecting the right tool is essential to maximizing the quality of your work.

Understanding the difference between the two is crucial. One is best suited for smaller scale projects, while the other is better for larger ones.  There’s a few considerations you should make when selecting between spray rig or stand-alone spray equipment, such as: 

is the project being completed outdoors? 

Is it being done in a factory setting? 

Here are a few considerations to make when deciding between spray rig or stand-alone spray equipment. 

Your Choice of Equipment Depends on Spray Product Viscosity 

The viscosity of your spray product will dictate your choice of equipment. If you’re performing a job indoors, a stand-alone sprayer might be your best choice to achieve a perfect finish. A stand-alone sprayer produces good results with thinner paints, but won’t be as effective with more viscous fluids, compared to spray rig alternatives.

Performance Depends on the Application 

The performance of a spray rig can’t be compared to stand-alone spray equipment. While most spray rigs are designed for large-scale outdoor projects, more portable stand-alone sprayers produce better results when they are used on a smaller scale or indoors. But, always remember the quality of the work depends as much on the equipment as it does with skills of the sprayer. 

Stand-alone sprayers are ideal for smaller scale projects, while the spray rigs provide more flexibility with large projects - choosing between the two is completely dependent on the application  If you need help understanding what sprayer suits your requirements best, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Bolair has more 35 years of experience delivering expertise to its fluid handling clients, keeping them in tune with the best equipment to ensure their jobs are done properly.

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