Take Your Graco PR70 to the Next Level With These Advanced Options

Take Your Graco PR70 to the Next Level With These Advanced Options

November 15th, 2017
Eric Emin Wood

Fluid handling professionals with experience working with two-component dispensing systems know how difficult it can be to find the right mix ratio in bonding and potting operations. More often than not, mixing errors are the leading causes of manufacturing inefficiencies and scrap.

So why is finding the right mix so difficult? More precise requirements and an ever-present susceptibility for human error are leading factors. Because most two-component adhesives require such precise fluid measurements, even slight ratio deviations can create major issues and keep an adhesive or sealant from curing properly, if at all.

Fortunately, advances in current metering and dispensing technologies are driving the quality of two-component systems. The added precision these technologies offer are helping manufacturers alleviate concerns related to performance instabilities. Today, two-component dispensing systems are improving production capabilities and realizing a number of benefits, including fast curing, chemical reaction curing, and superior bonding strength and seal effects.

Two-component dispensing systems accurately measure, mix and dispense medium to low viscosity materials. Graco’s PR70 is a fixed-ratio two-component dispensing system for medium- to low-viscosity materials (material ratios ranging from 1:1 to 12:1) for applications such as potting, gasketing, sealing, encapsulation and syringe filling.

The highly-accurate (ratio accuracy of ±1%) and comprehensive PR70 system is outfitted with a number of impressive out-of-the-box features, including a fluid control model, easy-to-use user interface and an advanced display model, that help to alleviate concerns over improper metering and dispensing. These features drive reliability, accuracy and efficiency across a range of dispensing applications in the automotive, electronics and medical device manufacturing industries.

And while the PR70 system’s standard features are impressive, there are a number of advanced options that can take your ratio dispense system to the next level. We’ve outlined five advanced options below that push the performance of your PR70 system even further, no matter the application.

Ratio Assurance Packages Ensure Dispensing Within Optimum Parameters
Graco provides two advanced ratio assurance options that ensure the PR70 two-component systems remain within optimum parameters to reduce material waste significantly. Packages include:

Flow meters monitor the flow of individual components to ensure the dispensing application meets desired ratio accuracy and consistency.

Pressure transducers monitor the outgoing pressure in the metering tubes. The transducers trigger an audible alarm if they detect a change in the dispense profile.

Recirculation Package Improves System Reliability
Graco’s optional recirculation option is used in conjunction with the standard advanced display module to allow manual recirculation that keeps your material performing to specification. The recirculation option:

  • Improves system reliability;
  • minimizes material wastage;
  • prevents particle deposition along the hose line and sedimentation in the tank; and
  • reduces maintenance requirements.

Low-Power Temperature Control Module
Integrating the PR70’s advanced display module and low-power temperature control module allows users to easily control system heat through the user interface. The module allows you to preset your desired material temperature level and choose between two- or four-zone options, depending on operational needs.

Remote Process Control with Graco’s Advanced Display Module
Remote process control is one of the most reliable ways to cut costs and time in dispensing applications. Graco’s Control Architecture allows a range of remote operating options, such as:

Display module

  • remotely activates the dispense valve in on/off mode or a single shot dispense model

Advanced display module 

  • Four-bit digital input/output allows users to dispense 15 different shot sequences when operation in shot mode.
  • Three-bit digital input/output allows users to select up to 7, 10-step shot sequences if a part requires more than one shot.

Optimize Uptime With Graco’s Auto Refill Package
Graco offers two transfer pumps that have been configured to refill the PR70 system automatically, which significantly optimizes the equipment’s uptime, cuts costs and reduces labour requirements.

Graco’s PR70 has been established as a go-to two-component dispensing system across a range of industries. Adding the advanced options outlined above will take your dispensing applications to the next level. Doing so will help you reduce material wastage, maximize equipment uptime and cut costs.

Does your Graco PR70 need an upgrade? Bolair has the expert industry knowledge you need to help you get the most out of your two component sealant and adhesive dispensing equipment. Visit our website or contact us today.

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