Why it Pays to Lean on the Experts When Purchasing New Equipment

Why it Pays to Lean on the Experts When Purchasing New Equipment

January 15th, 2018
Eric Emin Wood

A bad equipment purchase can have a significant impact on your ability to compete.

That’s why Bolair strives to make sure its customers know that it's not an equipment distributor, but an equipment partner whose goal is to ensure its customers know how to maximize their equipment’s potential.  We’ve grown to become a one-stop shop for fluid handling equipment, service, and training, helping 100’s of construction and manufacturing professionals grow their businesses along the way.

The reality is, you need equipment that makes your operation more efficient by improving your processes, productivity, ability to take on new and different projects and boost your bottom line. That’s why it's crucial for fluid handling professionals to consider the pros and cons of every equipment purchase and to lean on equipment experts that are equipped with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision that’s best for you, no matter your situation.

More than ever before, technology is dictating production outcomes. For fluid handling pros, that means advances in spraying and sealants and adhesives equipment, for example, are driving quality to new heights in precision to eliminate concerns related to performance and improving production inefficiencies.

There’s no doubt that those working with dispensing systems can relate to how hard it can be to find the right mix ratios. Or uncovering optimal viscosity in polyurethane spraying applications to produce the best quality finish. Finding the right equipment that alleviates these concerns is critical to growing your business and taking on new and innovative projects. You need equipment that helps you get the job done right and profitably.

Keys to Making Informed Fluid Handling Equipment Purchase Decisions

What Goal Will Your Equipment purchase achieve?

Do you want to increase productivity? Will it help you stay ahead of your competitors? Understanding what you hope to achieve before you make an equipment purchase will also help you identify a list of questions to ask your equipment supplier so they can help you make an informed decision.

Be Innovative

Respond to change creatively. Doing so could be as simple as making an equipment purchase that improves your efficiency or helps you take on a new type of project. Innovation doesn’t lie solely in technology or new products. Process innovation can be just as impactful. Equipment that touches on both of these factors let your customers know you’re committed to doing the best job and delivering the best possible quality.

Make Decisions Based on Your Business as a Whole

Don’t make isolated purchases. It’s critical that any equipment decision meets the need of your entire operation. Review your operational process to understand fully how your business works to help develop a plan that addresses those areas in the most need of some help.

Never Let Price be Your Only Consideration

You need equipment that delivers value, and that means accepting that you might not always get the best price for your new equipment. Look at that as an opportunity. Consider the investment across the length of its lifetime, not just the money you’ve put upfront. Does it help you save money in other areas? If so, you can make up the difference between a cheap piece of equipment or a costlier option quickly. You should also consider the supplier’s post-sales service options, which can also provide you with a cost advantage because, eventually, your equipment will need maintenance or repair.

Don’t Forget About Training (or Safety)

With new technology comes a learning curve. Make sure you have a plan in place that trains employees on using the new equipment most effectively while minimizing any disruption to production time.

While the onus falls on the supplier to deliver equipment that’s safe to use, it’s up to you to make sure yourself and your employees know how to use the new equipment safely.

You don’t have to make these decisions on your own. Bolair’s team of fluid handling experts have the knowledge you need to make informed equipment purchase decisions and help you with any maintenance, repair or replacement parts requirements.

Don’t hesitate to reach out today to see how Bolair can help you make an informed equipment decision.

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