Why Most Fluid Handling Professionals Don’t Notice Their REAL Costs

Why Most Fluid Handling Professionals Don’t Notice Their REAL Costs

August 22nd, 2017
Eric Emin Wood

One of the constant battles faced by construction companies is to remain profitable. Staying within budget can feel like a nightmare for project managers. The pressure associated with time and financial constraints leads to occasional sacrifices being made that have long-term effects on the people and businesses involved from a safety and quality perspective. 

Approximately 40,000 Canadians are injured annually on job sites, with a majority of those incidents occurring due to improper equipment, rushing to meet deadlines and improper training methods - all of which are byproducts of using an “any means necessary” approach to meeting budget and maintaining profit. The same reasons listed above also come into play when quality issues and deficiencies arise after work has been “completed.” 

Profits are eaten away at mercilessly by lost man-time and having to fix deficiencies.  This, in turn, leads to reduced confidence in companies until the cycle completes itself and the only way to stop the bleeding is to close up shop. The average lifespan of a small business is less than 10 years and, in the case of construction companies, losing control of budget is the big reason.  

One of the main reasons we’ve been able to stick around since 1982 is our understanding of the companies we serve and the industry they’re in. We know why people trust Bolair - and it’s not all about our prices.  It’s our products.  It’s our training.  Everything about Bolair screams “SERVICE EXCELLENCE!!!” And now, we’re sharing our philosophy WITH YOU! Although, just how big of a secret is it to help companies deliver on quality, keep their people safe and remain on the right side of the profitability line? For many, it’s not the desired outcome that’s the secret...it’s the method. 

We will give you our take on the 3 Main Priorities that companies in the construction/fluid handling equipment industries need to pay attention to - the same things we’ve prioritized to help us celebrate 35 years (and counting) in business.

We outline the steps you need to do QUALITY work,  maintain SAFETY on your job site, and bring it all together to help you finish your jobs within BUDGET. We even sneak in a couple products our customers use to speed up your research process so you can optimize even faster. 

You’re a contractor/manufacturing executive because: 

a) You love it 

b) You’re good at it 

c) You want to make money 

d) All of the above (Most of you will fall into this category) 


That being said, making profit your singular focus is dangerous. The reputation of your company will be in jeopardy if you have the mentality that you’re playing from behind every time you’re submitting a bid.  Just because you come in at the lowest price doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed the work.  

Sure, that may work in some cases, but if the sacrifices you make to get to that price limit the quality of your output AND put others at risk in order to meet your profit expectations, what are you winning in the long run? The people who select who they work with by using the “lowest bid wins” method will always find someone who’ll undercut the last company they worked with - and that’s no way to build long term relationships with your clients or generate healthy referral business. 

At the end of the day, the construction business is just like any other business.  It’s about people and how you build relationships with them.  Starting a relationship by making a promise to deliver on quality - to not cut corners, to bring state-of-the-art practices to a job-site and lead by example  - that’s how you build something that leaves an impression long after you’ve delivered on your end of the deal. 

It’s logical to assume that if you can deliver the same (or better) quality as another organization at a reduced cost, you’ll have a better chance to win contracts and build a prosperous company. Your budget is extremely important and having the right tools that promote efficiency will MOST DEFINITELY help you reduce material waste and labour costs - 2 of the biggest budget killers in this industry!


The juggling act could not be complete without the third ball - the safety of people on-site and those who either live, work or play in the buildings you’re working on.  Luckily, we know that this is the first ball in the air as well.  Want to learn why looking after safety informs every other decision you make? Then <a href="https://www.bolair.ca/contact/">fill out the form</a>, provide us with your email and you’ll receive a battle-tested list of priorities and plan of action that starts with safety. How do we know this work? 

It’s worked for us for 35 YEARS - and this methodology is why we’re still counting the years since our launch in 1982.  For anyone still asking, “how do I set my priorities and begin to beat my competition in the stucco, concrete, fire protection and spray foam trades,” STOP ASKING!! We’ll share our secrets with you- all you need to do is share your email with us!

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