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Fine Finish Guns

Breeze Through Your Painting and Coating with Bolair Fine Finish Guns

Bolair provides you with a range of premium quality Graco fine finish guns. As professional spray finishing guns, large-scale residential and commercial projects are Bolair’s fine finish guns’ specialty. Perfect for stains, latex, varnishes, and primers, these HVLP and air-assisted guns give you a flawless finish every time. 

Effortless Finishing Job

Outstanding Performance 

Ideal for Different Fine Finish Applications

Fine Finish Guns Presented by Bolair 

AirPro Guns

AirPro Guns are uniquely designed for liquid coatings. Dealing with a wide range of fine finish applications, including wood, adhesive, metal, automotive, high wear, and waterborne, experience the true all-round finish gun with Graco AirPro spray guns.

G15 and G40 Guns 

Easy-to-use with exceptional spray quality, these guns allow you to save MORE on materials and spend LESS on time. 

Finex Guns

If you’re looking for a more affordable fine finish solution, Finex guns are for you. These fine finish guns by Graco are available in gravity and pressure feed options incorporating conventional or HVLP technologies for a customized build.

Edge II HVLP Guns 

Edge II HVLP guns, using Graco’s innovative technology, help you achieve the ultimate balance of performance, control, and comfort in your fine finish applications. Bolair strives to give you a performance edge while delivering consistent results every time.

Browse through our selection of premium quality fine finish guns by Graco and select one that best suits your needs!

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