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Paint Sprayers

Innovative Top-Notch Quality Paint Sprayers 

At Bolair, we offer innovative paint sprayers from Graco. Known for its high-performing painting equipment going back to the 1920’s, we’re proud to continue locally serving our customers with the highest quality equipment available. Whether you're a large-scale contractor dealing with massive condominiums or a small local contractor providing residential painting services, you’ll be sure to find the right paint sprayer to suit your needs. Bolair airless paint sprayers deliver unmatched performance and efficiency. Explore our selection of premium paint sprayers by Graco. 

Paint Sprayers Available at Bolair 

GH Big Rig 

If you need a high-duty, flexible, and time-saving paint sprayer, then the wait is officially over. Our GH Big Rig paint sprayers are ideal for fireproofing, waterproofing, roof coating, and many more architectural painting projects. 


If you’re looking for an efficient on and off paint sprayer, then you’ve come to the right place. The magnum paint sprayer offers a high-performing and efficient alternative to rolling and brushing, perfect for part-time and/or in-home painting jobs. 

Electric Airless Paint Sprayers

Electric airless paint sprayers deliver efficiency and speed, all in the same package. The airless technology of these paint sprayers guarantees smooth, flawless, and uniform coating on all interior and exterior surfaces. 


Our King paint sprayers are engineered to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions and are ideal for applying corrosion control and protective coatings. For an all-rounded, tough, and reliable machine, choose King paint sprayers by Graco.


e-Xtreme paint sprayers use electricity which eliminates the inefficiencies related to compressors, allowing you to perform your painting jobs effortlessly. 

Ultra Handheld 

Ultra handheld paint sprayers make your painting jobs quick and convenient. As the most advanced paint sprayers in the industry, delivering flawless finishes with unparalleled speed and reliability is part of the course.

Explore our wide range of best-selling paint sprayers by Graco!

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