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Fusion MP

Simple, Efficient, High-Performing Graco Fusion MP Guns

With advanced Graco Fusion MP Guns, Bolair brings style, elegance, and premium performance direct-from-manufacturer at competitive market prices. We offer different Fusion MP gun models from Graco to choose from to better match your specific job requirements. With a straightforward design allowing for optimal efficiency and performance in various spraying jobs, these unique spray foam insulation guns are your choice. Whether you need Fusion MP for spray foam insulations or applying polyurea coatings, this rugged equipment can handle them all without any issue. 

In addition to the automated Graco Fusion MP gun, explore our wide selection of parts to keep your equipment in top shape at Bolair. Reliable replacement parts are necessary to keep your Fusion MP gun in top-notch working condition. Feel free to order the required authentic parts from Bolair for your make for the perfect blend of simplicity and efficiency. Thanks to top-tier craftsmanship, our Graco Fusion MP gun are designed to reduce downtime and make good on your spray gun investment. 

Unique Features of the Graco Fusion MP 

The Fusion MP gun is a result of smart engineering and innovative technology combined into one. With excellent quality equipment, make your architectural painting and coating jobs quick, easy, and seamless. 

  • Latest Mix Module Design 

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain 

  • Durable PolyCarballoy-Infused Module Build

  • Superior Mixing Properties Due to Specially Designed Tip and Advanced Module

  • Rugged Design Providing Excellent Results No Matter your Setting

  • Ultra-Smooth Finish with Better Atomization 

At Bolair, find Graco's quality-certified Fusion MP guns and equipment for peak performance and durability at LESS of a cost.

Browse through our range of Graco Fusion MP equipment to find one that best that suits your needs and your budget!

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