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At Bolair we offer the most cost-effective fluid handing solutions. As we choose products and applications for your clients our goals is always to improve the quality of the products, increase efficiency, and help clients easier transfer and apply, as well as mix and spray fluids.

The type of equipment we offer through our site is very varied and the range of products we offer is really wide for any kind of enterprise. We offer high quality two component dispense equipment and woodworking tools, plural/singly component and air spray finishing, automation and lubrication, process/chemical transfer, grouting and mining, sealants and adhesives, traffic loop sealants, ink handling, electric/as and hydraulic sprayers, sealants and adhesive piston pumps as well as hose and accessories. We are the professionals in our field and try to stay ahead of the game when it comes to purchasing brand new equipment that can really help us get to the bottom of what our clients need when they come to us.

Our custom two component dispense system uses Gracy and Liquid Control products that have proven themselves over the years to be really amazing products. The equipment we have can be suitable for different types of applications, form precise metering of shots to continuous powerful flow. The range of our woodworking tools include automatic or manual spray guns, air assist, products, air spray and HVLP options, Graco pump packages and economic pressure pots. We can help our clients with small sized cabinet makers to large scale projects. We look into the needs of every client and the project they are taking on to give them the best results possible and show them what they are capable of doing when professionals are by their side.

We respect our clients and always give them the products and industry tips we would be happy to hear or use ourselves.

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