GRACO HFR For Sealants & Adhesives

Click for the HFR Metering System for Sealants & Adhesives

Hydraulic Fixed Ratio System for Two-Part Epoxies, Silicones, Adhesives

Precise, Small Footprint, Metered


Accurate, On-ratio Dispense

Designed for flexibility, the Graco HFR Metering System is an advanced and reliable meter, mix and dispense solution for two-component materials:

  • Adhesives
  • Urethanes
  • Polysulfides
  • Epoxies
  • Silicones
  • Resins

With its accuracy and repeatability, the Graco HFR lets you hit a specific ratio and volume – the first time, and every time. Static, dynamic, or impingement mixing options along with positive displacement pump technology will improve throughput while reducing scrap and rework. 

Confidence and reliability for any two-component material application

Whether drawing beads, putting down small or large material shots or using a robot with continuous flow, the modular design of the Graco HFR provides the flexibility to configure the components to your specific application. Some application examples include:

  • Batch processing
  • Potting
  • Encapsulating
  • Vacuum infusion
  • Pultrusion
  • Automated bead applications
    • Fixed position
    • Manual
    • Hand assist
    • 6-axis
    • XY


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