Plural and Single Component

Plural and Single Component

Whether you are spraying or dispensing epoxies, urethanes, polyureas or other plural component coatings, Bolair has the equipment package for you. Bolair's expertise in plural components began back in the ealy 1980's with custom designed and manufactured fixed and variable ratio Bolaro Cats.
Today, Bolair utilizes Graco's high quality pump packages and can custom design or specify a package suitable for your application and budget.
We have built systems from the most simple to a fully heated system contained within a portable trailer or truck. We have vast experience with ratios from 1:1 to 10:1. Ask about our low cost high pressure hose and static mixers.

Fixed Ratio Hydra-Cat®


Fixed Ratio Hydra-Cat® accurately pump and proportion a wide variety of two-component materials, including epoxies, urethanes, protective and finish coatings.
Hydra-Cat® propotioners power two or three positive displacement pump lowers from a common air motor. This assures that the stroke rate and stroke length of all pump lowers are identical, providing constant proportioning.

Hydra-Cats are built to handle the rigors of protective painting for:

  • Construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Storage Bins and Tanks

Extreme Mix Variable Ratio Proportioner

 The Variable Ratio Extreme Mix handles hard-to-spray, 100% solids coatings with a range of 1:1 to 10:1 material ratios. Available in various fluid to air pressure ratios, the Extreme Mix can handle a wide variety of coatings.

  • Reduces waste by up to 25%
  • Approved for hazardous locations
  • Designed for short pot-life materials
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Portable design - go where the job is
  • Easy-to-use and operate
  • Ratio assurance prevents spraying off-ratio material
  • Rated for 7250 psi (500 bar, 50 MPa) to handle tough materials and long hose lengths
  • Standard cart is designed for easy handling by one person
  • Uses the field-proven, easy-to-maintain Extreme lower
  • Metering valves get is right every time Reporting capabilities


New XM Sprayer

  • Available XM50 (5000psi) or XM70 (7000psi) versions 
  • New dosing technology assures accurate, on-ratio mixing for better yield and less waste
  • Advanced, intuitive user controls provide real-time display of ratio
  • USB port lets you easily access and download historical spraying data
  • Supports multiple spray guns for added productivity
  • Allows for easy crane transport with eye hooks on air motors
  • Variable ratio system - handles material ratios from 1:1 to 10:1


Single Components Protective Coatings


 Bolair carries electric, gas, air powered and hydraulic pump systems for your protective coatings and painting requirements. Utilizing the leading technology of Graco, Titan/Speeflo, Wiwa and IR Aro, we are able to offer choice and competitive pricing. Our large supply and strategic purchasing practices allow us to offer accessories such as high pressure hose at the best prices and quickest delivery.







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