Polyurethane Dispense/Pour Heads

Graco EP Pour/Dispense Gun


  • For Manual or Automatic applications
  • Self Repair design - quick and easy maintenance
  • Low cost replacement parts
  • For Open Mold and Closed Mold applications
  • Mechanically self cleaning - no solvent flushing
  • 1-50lbs flow rate



 High Pressure Mixing Head - Europoliuretani


  • L-chamber style mixing
  • Guaranteed mix quality
  • Installed vertically or horizontally
  • Regular maintenance performed by "you" not the manufacturer
  • Open or Closed mold applications
  • Compatible with Europoliuretani's HPE series machines
  • Self cleaning
  • Long shot cycle prior to major maintenance


Graco MD2 Dispense Valve

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