Spray Machines

Graco Hydraulic Proportioners

  • Digital heat and pressure controls - let you program temperatures and pressures, and monitor machine performance
  • Horizontal positive displacement pumps - easy to service and provide smoother changeover for maintaining best spray pattern
  • Powerful hybrid heaters - heat material quickly and maintain temperature set points, even when spraying at maximum flow rates
  • H-25, H-40, H-50, Foam Proportioners
  • HXP-2 and H-XP3 Coatings Proportioners
  • SoftStars TM feature requires 1/3 less power draw during system start-up
  • System controls with diagnostics and auto shutdown
  • Lightweight, yet durable hydraulics

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Graco Air Driven A25 Proportioner

  • Entry Level Portable System
  • Digital Heat Control
  • 10,200 watt heater system and 1920psi
  • Compact portable design
  • Economical pricing on complete packages

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Reactor E-Series


  • E-20 or E-30 Foam Proportioner
  • E-XP1 or E-XP2 1:1 Coatings Proportioner
  • Lowest maintenance proportioner on the market today
  • Optional Data reporting capabilities to verify job was sprayed accurately
  • Digital heat and pressure controls accurately program temperatures and pressures
  • Alarm shutdowns to eliminate off-ratio spraying
  • Proven Graco quality pumps

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