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True accelerator of performance for your AIRMIX® Xcite™ gun, the AIRMIX® paint pump SAMES KREMLIN range brings together, Optimization and Simplicity.

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True accelerator of performance for your AIRMIX® Xcite™ gun, the AIRMIX® paint pump SAMES KREMLIN range brings together, Optimization and Simplicity.

The innovative design and component quality bring reliability and performance and allow very simple maintenance, easy cleaning and safe color changes while using a minimum of solvents. The cost of ownership is reduced at a minimum.

The AIRMIX® pump air motor design allows for a smooth start-up under low pressure air and perfectly controlled fluid output, without any pulsation at the gun with very low air consumption.

Last generation paints developed for industrial markets are handle by AIRMIX® pump stainless steel construction without any problem.

Performance : 

  • Closed design with protective carter between air motor and fluid section: Lubricant protection against external pollution. Full operator safety.
  • Stainless steel design: Compatible with water-based materials.
  • Double strock fluid section: Steady output without any pulsation.
  • Large suction valve: Recommended for materials up to 5000 cps

Sustainability : 

  • Magnet inverter: Allows you to start the pump slowly at very low pressure
  • Simple design, reduced number of spare parts: Easy maintenance
  • Simple and accessible air motor/fluid section coupling without tie rod: Possibility to rotate the fluid section for adjusting the application.
  • Fluid section with mobile lower packing construction: Improved material refilling and emptying for constant output. Improved sealing – easier maintenance.
  • Differential air motor: Very simple, a few parts, minimum maintenance.
  • New trolley: Robust support and usefull features for holding hoses, guns, suction rod and accessories.
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My experience was absolutely fantastic! I started shopping for a commercial grade paint sprayer. Bolair’s helped me find the best sprayer for a large project. They suggested a Titan sprayer and I am so happy with the choice. I have been using it for a year now, sorry for the late review but thank you! The price was absolutely fair and even the delivery was early. I highly recommend Bolair’s to anyone in the market for a sprayer!

Joseph Charbanak

Bolair team has a great knowledge of their products and are extremely helpful when it comes to needing information pertaining to either material or equipment. It is refreshing to know that when I have a question or am in need products, they always respond promptly with pricing as well as shipment. From the office staff to the outside sales team to the drivers, all work well to make my job easier.

Mabelle Drummond

I can't say enough good things about Bolair. The team of support is nothing short of amazing. They can answer any questions from pricing to installation and troubleshooting! I have them all in my speed dial because if im in a jam they are the first team to call besides God!

Elwin Victor

We've purchased our insulating materials at Bolair for several years. Always our first call. Good prices. Excellent customer service!

Tobin Grey

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