Powder Coating Equipment

Powder coating equipment is designed to apply a protective dry finish coating to a surface. This equipment is typically used in industries such as automotive manufacturing, structural construction, and aerospace engineering, and is also used to manufacture home appliances and outdoor consumer products.

Compared to traditional liquid painting systems, industrial powder coating equipment is much less toxic, and offers more durability.

Powder Coating Equipment

Industrial Powder Coating Systems Built for Your Application

Gema's Optiflex powder coating model line is a superior option that can accommodate both factory-scale industrial coatings and smaller projects.

The Optiflex Automatic is a robust, modular system that can be designed to match any volume requirements of a commercial enterprise. With flawless precision, this machine can be relied upon to handle even the most intricate and demanding of jobs.

Meanwhile, the Optiflex Pro is ideal for manual, user-directed coatings. Despite its smaller physical footprint, it offers impressive performance and industry-leading powder charging capacities with its professional powder-coating guns. Some primary technical features of these powdercoat machines include:

  • High Voltage Functionality: The Optiflex Pro features 110kV PowerBoost technology for maximum coating efficiency.
  • Programmable Gun Control Unit: The OptiStar 4.0 features Direct Valve Control Technology (DVC) for accurate powder application.
  • Multiple Nozzle Choices: Interchangeable nozzles allow for variable coating patterns and reduce the occurrence of spitting.

Benefits of Purchasing Powder Coating Machines

Powder coating systems offer an assortment of advantages that cannot be achieved with single-component and liquid-based spray equipment:

  • Exceptional Surface Durability and Abrasion/Corrosion Resistance
  • Improved Health and Safety for Technicians Due to Fewer Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Reduced Need for Raw Materials Which Improves Cost-Effectiveness

Frequently Asked Questions about Powder Coating Systems

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is an industrial surface finishing technique that uses finely ground polymer resins and additives.

How Does Powder Coating Work?

Unlike paint, powder coating does not require a liquid carrier. It is applied electrostatically via an electric powder coating gun, and is left to cure under heat to achieve its final protective layer.

Who Produces the Best Powder Coating Equipment in Canada?

Throughout all of Canada, Gema is by far the most trusted source for high-quality powder coating machines. With well-thought-out engineering and precise manufacturing, they are a brand that is committed to producing equipment that performs.

Where to Find a Powder Coating Machine For Sale?

If you're looking for powder coating supplies equipment, the right distributor, such as our team at Bolair, will have all the relevant powder coating equipment for sale.

Contact Bolair for a Quote Today

Regardless of your industry or the scope of your project, Bolair Fluid Handling Systems has the commercial powder coating equipment businesses in Canada need. With 40+ years of experience, we can be trusted to equip you with exceptionally high-performing industrial powder coaters that offer impressive surface durability and visual appeal. Request a quote from one of our representatives today.

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  1. Gema OptiFlex Pro
    The Gema OptiFlex Pro by Bolair Fluid Handling is the latest generation of OptiFlex boosting your manual coating to a new level! Best application results and maximum industrial suitability with the new generation of OptiFlex Pro manual units from Gema!  
  2. Gema OptiFlex Automatic A1
    Gema's Automatic Powder Coating Systems result in high transfer efficiency, reproducible coating results and control of all gun parameters at your fingertips.
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