Spray Foam Insulation Guns

Foam guns are hand-controlled devices used to apply the plural-component materials required for spray foam insulation. They allow a technician to have precise control over the mixing, flow, and application of their foam.

Versatile Spray Foam Guns for Sale

Here at Bolair, we provide three varieties of spray foam guns from top manufacturers of foam gun applicators, Graco and PMC (Polyurethane Machinery Corporation).

Type of Insulation Foam Spray Gun


Features & Benefits


Fusion PC, Fusion AP, Probler P2, GAP, PMC Xtreme

Applies spray foam using compressed air. Very easy to operate and maintain.


Fusion CS

Utilizes fluid to prevent component materials from mixing until they're ready for application. Improves efficiency by reducing mixing downtime.


Fusion MP, GX-7, GX-8

Contains a mechanical actuating rod that provides maximum control over the size of your spray pattern.

Benefits of Purchasing Bolair's Spray Foam Applicator Guns

Our spray foam guns for sale at Bolair come with numerous advantages that can be enjoyed by all levels of professionals:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Our prices and impressive equipment longevity ensure that you'll get a direct ROI for your business.
  • Energy-Efficiency: Using a Graco professional foam gun will allow your contractors to apply their highest possible insulation quality.
  • Time-Savings: Our equipment can be quickly rebuilt on the job site, promoting maximum installation uptime.

Frequently Asked Questions about Foam Gun

What's Included in a Spray Foam Insulation Gun Kit?

Most commercial foam guns are sold individually, with accessory components like hoses and adapters available separately.

Do I Need a Spray Gun for Foam Insulation?

Yes, foam insulation requires a specially designed air-purge, liquid-purge, or mechanical-purge spray foam gun in order to process and apply the plural-component materials that make up the foam.

Do You Have to Clean a Foam Spray Gun After Every Use?

For best results, a foam spray gun should always be cleaned when done being used for the day. This entails cleaning the outside of any spray foam, checking and cleaning the gun screens and corresponding O-rings and seals, and purging with lithium grease for appropriate guns.

How Do You Use a Spray Foam Gun?

For best results, spray guns should be used 12-18 inches from their surface, and moved in a perpendicular horizontal or vertical spray pattern.

Get a Quote On Any Insulation Spray Foam Gun in Canada Today

No matter what type of spray foam gun your company needs, Bolair Fluid Handling Systems has a spray foam gun for sale that will suit you. Contact us today for a quote.

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