The Graco Magnum line of airless paint sprayers offers DIYers, contractors, and maintenance pros complete control, easy cleanup, and superior results. The Graco Magnum Series of airless paint sprayers are designed to provide excellent coverage, while being easy to operate and clean.

Graco Magnum Series Paint Sprayers provide constant, on-demand pressure using TrueAirless Spray Tips and SoftSpray technology. These features reduce overspray, offer more precise control, and work with a wide range of coatings.

The Graco Magnum Series airless paint sprayers are lightweight, durable, and cost-effective to own. Magnum Series airless paint sprayers are quieter and have longer duty cycles than HVLP paint sprayers, while remaining easier to clean. Graco offers a wide array Magnum airless paint sprayer accessories to customize your paint sprayer for your particular application.

Magnum X5 and X7 Airless Paint Sprayers

For the occasional painter, the Graco Magnum X5 and X7 offer cost-efficient, high speed performance, and easy clean up. The X5 and X7 offer hardened stainless steel piston pumps for unmatched durability and easy use.


Both the Magnum X5 and X7 airless paint sprayers are perfect for interior painting and do-it-yourself staining of decks, fences, and small homes. The Magnum X5 comes with a handy, lightweight stand, while the X7 includes a rolling cart.

Magnum ProX17 and ProX19 Airless Paint Sprayers 

Graco offers the best of the best for professional painters who depend on their tools. Contractors, property managers, and professional painters will enjoy the Magnum ProX17 and ProX19 airless paint sprayer’s superior control and easy operation.


The ProX17 and ProX19 offer the ProXChange pump system, which allows for the pump to be replaced in the field, reducing down time. Both airless paint sprayers also include the Instaclean Pump Filter, which keeps the project moving by reducing tip clogs. 


The ProX17 includes a ¾ horsepower engine and is available with a light stand or a durable cart (with storage for tips). For even more power, choose the ProX19 with a larger .875 horsepower engine. The ProX19 is also available mounted to a lightweight stand or a rolling cart.

Magnum ProX21 Airless Paint Sprayers

If your projects require spraying hot solvents, such as solvent-based lacquers, the Magnum ProX21 is for you. The ProX21 also employs a longer pump stroke, which allows the ProX21 to spray heavier materials using a .021 spray tip. The Magnum ProX21 airless paint sprayer is also available on a stand or rolling cart.

Magnum Pro210ES Airless Paint Sprayers

The Magnum Pro210ES airless paint sprayer is for the busy paint professional. The Pro210ES is ideal for commercial painting as it includes the Endurance pump and ProConnect Pump Replacement System for maximum reliability and lifespan.


The Magnum Pro210ES also includes a chrome plated stand or cart for maximum corrosion resistance. The Magnum 210ES also includes a flexible suction hose, allowing the airless sprayer to pump directly from a 1 or 5 gallon container.

Powerflush Cleaning

All Graco Magnum series airless paint sprayers include the Powerflush cleaning attachment system. The Powerflush system allows the sprayer to connect directly to a garden hose for easy cleaning of latex and other water based paints.

Bolair, Your Trusted Graco Airless Paint Sprayer Dealer

To see the entire Graco Magnum series of airless paint sprayers just click here to view the gallery at Bolair Fluid Handling Systems. The pros at Bolair have the Graco paint sprayer for your project whether you’re an occasional painter or a seasoned pro. To discuss the entire line of Graco Airless paint sprayers with an expert, simply click here to get started.

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