The time will come when you need to find a replacement part(s) for your Graco spray gun. In some cases, you might be unsure about specific part requirements, or even ...
Choosing the right tip and size for your airless spraying application is key to achieving a quality finish and make sure the job goes as smoothly as possible. If you ...
Spray foam insulation has grown exponentially in popularity among construction professionals for its versatility, high "R" rating, and durability. It's also incredibly energy efficient, providing home and building owners with ...

Proper maintenance is essential to any professional equipment. Not only does regular maintenance protect your investment, but it also makes sure your equipment performs best when you need it most.

Preventative maintenance is critical to the effectiveness of any equipment, no matter its quality. Effective preventative maintenance, however, requires sticking to a schedule. Without a plan in place that's designed to identify equipment problems before they can happen, you risk putting yourself in a situation that could impact your business and the performance of your equipment, which will more than likely impact your bottom line.

A bad equipment purchase can have a significant impact on your ability to compete.

Titan has a solid reputation of delivering sprayers that are built to work hard, live long and deliver a perfect finish. Developed with the latest fluid handling technologies, Titan’s sprayers ensure ease of use and dependability to make sure contractors get the job done right, every time.


Titan has a solid reputation among spray and paint professionals that’s build on reliability. And for over 30 years, the Titan 440 has helped spray professionals stay at the top of the game. Introduced in 1986, the Titan 440 was the first commercial sprayer to be priced under $1,000, and it weighed around 50 pounds, delivering small contractors a new level of affordability and profitability.

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