The Easiest Way to Find Replacement Parts for Your Graco Spray Gun

The time will come when you need to find a replacement part(s) for your Graco spray gun. In some cases, you might be unsure about specific part requirements, or even the name or model number of the part you actually need. That said, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with your spray gun's key components to know not only when they're starting to show some wear and tear, but also where to go when the time to replace any troublesome parts. On top of this, you should have the means of quickly locating and acquiring these parts to ensure that you minimize any spraying downtime as much as possible.

Below, we've outlined several ways to make sure you get your hands on any replacement parts for your Graco spray guns when you need them most.

Refer to Graco's Online Equipment Resources

You'll have a much easier time solving equipment issues if you already have an idea about the problem from the get-go. If you'd rather troubleshoot the issue yourself before bringing it to a service provider, you should refer to Graco's product and maintenance manuals, which will help give you an idea about the issue your gun is having and provide you with an idea about the best course of action. It is, however, a good idea to get some expert feedback before trying to order any parts or make repairs on your own.

Lean on Local Equipment Distributors

One of the easiest ways to find replacement parts for your Graco spray guns is to reach out to one of the manufacturer's local suppliers. Bolair is a licensed service provider of Graco replacement products, including its line of spray guns. Using Bolair as a service provider gives you the added advantage of being able to bring your spray gun to our service departments across Canada and our experienced personnel, equipped with expert equipment knowledge, will quickly diagnose and solve any equipment issues you're having.

Common Spray Gun Issues (And Why They're Malfunctioning)

Different issues warrant different replacement parts. Some of the more common spray gun problems include:

  • Failure to turn on: This can either be associated with a blown fuse or damaged cables.
  • A device that doesn't suck: One of the main reasons for this problem is device overload, which obstructs the gun filter, main filter, or suction filter.
    Insufficient pumping pressure: The problem is most likely the result of a damaged valve, which allows paint to escape through the back horse. Also, the nozzle might be worn out, creating a larger hole in the spray tip, which can considerably reduce pumping pressure.
  • Failure to spray a proper pattern: If your device is not using the correct nozzle, you will most definitely experience this problem. Notably, the nozzle affects the spray pressure and hence the resulting spray pattern.
  • The device keeps sucking even when the trigger is released: This is a common problem associated with a damaged or dirty joint. Notably, leakages will result in extended spraying after the trigger is released as the machine tries to equalize the difference in pressure.

Never Hesitate to Seek Out The Experts

Graco's spray guns are incredibly reliable. But like any piece of equipment, they require regular maintenance and will eventually need to have a few parts replaced. Finding the parts you might need can be an easy exercise if you go through the right channels to uncover what you need.

Because most complications associated with Graco's spray guns are easy to diagnose, it will be easy to find the parts you need to solve any equipment related issues. Managing the maintenance and repair of your spray guns is your best defence against unnecessary downtime. Bolair has the industry experience, technical knowledge and replacement parts inventory you need to keep your Graco spray guns operating optimally. If you are interested in spray foam rigs for sale, please contact us, we will help you choose the most suitable equipment.