Sames Kremlin Equipment​

Sames Kremlin has been providing comprehensive spray finishing and coating equipment for nearly 100 years. Their product line consists of pumps, paint spray guns, dispensers, and complete finishing systems, equipping Canada with the liquid paint solutions it needs.

Complete Spray Finishing Equipment Solutions

At Bolair, we provide cart-mounted kits like the Kremlin EOS 15-C25 Airmix Sprayer. This product features:

  • Pump with Regulators
  • A Cart
  • 25 Foot Air and Fluid Hoses
  • Xcite Kremlin Guns (1 included)

Trusted by Every Spray Finishing Industry

No matter what the spray job may entail, Sames Kremlin spray guns in Canada can be expected to offer premier performance. Common industries where their sprayers are utilized include automotive, energy, transportation, and various industrial coating sectors.

Innovation and Sustainability

Progress is at the forefront of Sames Kremlin equipment. From manual Kremlin paint guns to cutting-edge robotic systems for automated applications, this brand strives to elevate the industrial coating industry, while remaining respectful of the environment.

Order Your Comprehensive Machinery Today

Here at Bolair, we provide all-inclusive Sames Kremlin spray units that are guaranteed to get your project up and running. Trust us as your dealer and place an order today.

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    True accelerator of performance for your AIRMIX® Xcite™ gun, the AIRMIX® paint pump SAMES KREMLIN range brings together, Optimization and Simplicity.
  2. Sames EOS 15-C25 Airmix Sprayer
    This is a CART MOUNT unit. Kremlin 15:1 ratio system includes: pump w/regulators, cart, 25' air & fluid hoses, Xcite spray gun w/tip. Kremlin EOS 15-C25 (Cart Mount) 15:1 Ratio EOS Pump Two-wheel Cart XCite Spray Gun with Tip 25' Hose Set (1 Air, 1 Fluid) Pick-up Tube & Hose for 5-Gallon pail Air Pump Regulator Atomizing Air Regulator
  3. Sames PU3000 Airless Plural Component Mixing and Dosing Paint Pump
    The PU3000 Airless combines electronic control and mechanical dosing & mixing and includes pumping, metering & electronic functions. The user-friendly control box allows the operator to intuitively learn how to operate the machine. It is available in 2 versions : 2 liters and 4 liters
  4. Sames FPRO Lock Pressure-Feed HVLP Gun (1.2mm)
    Fpro Lock P spray gun gives you the brand new Fpro finishing technology and consistent production whatever the operator's skills. Sames brings you the perfect solution for high level use in demanding environments. It is available in compliant and conventional versions for high transfer efficiency. Please call for other nozzle sizes.
  5. Airmix Xcite+ Manual Spray Gun
    The Airmix Xcite+ manual paint spray gun delivers outstanding performance with unsurpassed finish quality for a quick payback. It is available in 3 pressure ranges: 120, 240 & 400 bar (1740-3480-5800psi) to meet every application.
  6. Sames Xcite+ Light Manual Spray Gun
    The Airmix Xcite+ Light manual spray gun focuses on lightness, simplicity and maneuverability. For maximum benefits, this spray gun is available in two versions: 120 and 240 bar (1740 & 3480 psi).

    Starting at $538.50

    The SFlow is an Airless paint sprayer used for applying protective coatings and is available in 275 and 470 bar (4000 & 6820 psi) pressures. This gun delivers real product savings for industrial applications. The ergonomic design offers flexibility in extreme conditions and is ideal for handling high solid content paints and high rich zinc primers. Please call if looking for additional models.
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