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Filters & Strainers

Maximize your spray performance by using genuine Graco filters and strainers. Graco gun filters will help extend the life of your equipment and get you a professional finish, every time. As airless technology becomes more prevalent, we here at Bolair know that good backup paint guns and replacement filters are crucial for all professional contractors. You don't have to worry about clogging because we carry ranges from 30 up to 200 mesh which will work well with any type of material you're using.

When you're spraying paint, messy particles can easily get trapped in the paint tip. When that happens your job is going to be a lot more difficult because the nozzle is going to clog and if that's not enough it might cause a mess on a customer’s property in just one quick second. With our airless paint sprayer accessories like Graco Filters & Strainers, you don't have to worry about this.

What would happen if you used the wrong filter for your paint sprayer? It could lead to clogs and reduced output. A large mesh screen can collapse an airless spraying while using a smaller one will only restrict the flow of liquid from tip-to-base resulting in an ineffective job. So, we advise you to carefully choose the best fit between our range of Graco spray filters for your future airless painting job.

Is there any difference between the blue and black gun filters? The difference between the black airless Graco gun filters and blue 100 Mesh ones is that 60 mesh screens are more commonly used for latex paints, but there's also a higher quality version called "100-mesh". If you're spraying polyurethane or other acrylics on top of your vehicle with any sprayer system then it might be worth considering upgrading to one of these superior models.

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