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Finex Guns

Finex Paint Guns, Optimized Performance

Are you looking for a more affordable paint gun with uncompromising quality? With high-quality painting and coating equipment, our Finex paint guns are right for you. As a lightweight and ergonomic spray gun with performance-engineered air caps, providing exceptional performance as well as a precision build and innovative technology is a Bolair guarantee. All that in one package creates the ideal professional paint gun. 

At Bolair, you can find various Graco Finex spray guns available in both gravity feed and pressure feed incorporating conventional and/or HVLP technologies. We only source our professional architectural painting and coating equipment from premium leading manufacturers. This ensures that we only provide the best equipment for your residential and commercial painting projects. 

Finex HVLP Spray Gun

Suitable for larger painting or coating jobs, the Finex HVLP Spray Gun takes advantage of its zero striping and mottling for a faster and cleaner paint job. With wide-ranging coverage and finish guns options, get your project completed in a fraction of the time! Using advanced high volume low-pressure technology, the Finex HVLP spray gun saves big on materials by making the most of its stock. The low air volume of the gun works to eliminates any additional waste to keep your gun running longer at less of a price. These features along with more make it perfect for high-volume painting applications such as car refurbishing. That’s not to mention the Finex HVLP spray gun’s hassle-FREE cleaning and maintenance for the ideal user experience.

Additional Exclusive Features

High-Quality Performance Air Caps

Integrated Valve for Easy-to-Use Adjustments

User-Enhanced Pull Trigger for Ultimate Control

Durable and Efficient Stainless-Steel Trigger in all Finex Spray Gun Models

Browse through our array of Graco Finex spray gun to find the best fit for your needs!

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