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G15 & G40 Guns

The New G15 Graco Gun: Versatile, Efficient and Quality Build

Graco G15 air-assist guns are designed to deliver maximum efficiency and superior quality. Using premium components that provide long-lasting and reliable performance, Bolair air-assisted spray guns are made with your needs in mind. At Bolair, you can find a wide array of Graco G 15 and G40 air-assist fine finish gun models directly sourced from their manufacturer. What we do is provide the same uncompromising quality of Graco’s leading premium products at less of a price along with customer-centered service accessible to all Canadians. So, consider Bolair your reliable partner to take wherever you whenever you need superior architectural painting and coating equipment

We only provide you with original, directly sourced products, engineered with ergonomic and lightweight designs in mind. Our Graco G40 and G15 spray guns are perfect for general metal and wooden applications. Use them however and whenever you wish to get the exceptional finish and spray quality you’ve always wanted.

Highlighting Features of GRACO g15 AND g40 Spray Guns

Premium Quality Air-Assisted Spray Guns for Various Applications

Sturdy Build Minimizes Wear and Tear Over Time 

Enhanced Transferability and Material Usage

Ring Retaining the Tip Inside of the Air Cap Included in All Graco G15 and G40 Spray Guns Models

Extremely Lightweight Ergonomic Trigger Providing Reduced Muscle Stress and Tension

For a comfortable, quicker, and more efficient spraying job, learn more about our Perform AA Guns. With a fluid cartridge design allowing for maximized uptime and minimal maintenance, Perform AA Guns make your spray job a breeze. Applying the newest innovations in ergonomic handling and superior low air transfer efficiency, discover the ideal lightweight spray gun for your needs with Bolair.

Browse through our assortment of premium quality Graco G15 and G40 air-assist guns and select one that best suits your needs!

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