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Graco Paint Sprayer

High-Performance Graco Paint Sprayers

Since 1926, Graco has led the way for innovative, high-efficiency fluid handling equipment. Their flagship line of airless paint sprayers features robust functionality designed to streamline the residential and commercial painting process. 

Graco Sprayers: Built for Demanding Jobs

Painting can be a tedious process. To maximize efficiency, contractors and paint technicians need dependable equipment that provides flawless perfection. Graco airless paint sprayers are the go-to tool that small and large-scale contractors use to ensure their work is at its best. The benefits of a paint sprayer include:


  • Speed: A Graco sprayer quickly applies a widespread coating, allowing painters to cover as much surface area as possible. 
  • Consistency: Spray guns release a controlled amount of paint in a uniform pattern, resulting in a finish that’s free from streaking or blotchiness.
  • Simple Operation: Graco airless paint sprayers are an easy-to-use piece of equipment, requiring no compression - only an electrical hookup or gas reserve.


All Graco sprayers sold in Canada are designed and fabricated in the United States. They feature an impressive warranty and each sprayer is rigorously tested in both the factory and field to ensure reliability. 

Unrivaled Versatility and Superior Function

Graco has been revolutionizing its paint sprayers for over 60 years, resulting in an extensive range of unique models. From portable, battery-operated spray guns to larger gasoline-powered machines, Graco has a product for all customer’s needs. Each machine features a range of proprietary technologies, including:


  • SmartControl Pressure Control: Continuous performance monitoring regulates the speed of the paint sprayer’s motor to ensure even application.
  • Ergonomic Spray Guns: Designed for all-day comfort, Graco features some of the lightest-weight, easiest-to-hold spray guns on the market.
  • Endurance Chromex Piston Pumps: Graco’s industry-leading piston pumps feature V-Max packings for maximum durability and last 2x longer than other top competitors’ products. 

Browse Bolair’s Collection of Graco Spray Equipment Today

At Bolair, we offer the quality Graco paint sprayers that Canada’s contractors need. As knowledgeable Graco dealers, we’re here to answer all your questions and provide equipment-specific training for your team’s newest purchase. 

Whether you just need a small portable sprayer for residential homes, or you’re seeking an industrial machine that can handle years of use, our affordable Graco paint sprayers are up for the task. Contact a Bolair team member today to get started.

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