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Reasons to Buy Airless
Paint Sprayer at Bolair

Premium Quality


We realize that a high-performance product is imperative to provide excellent service, which is why we only offer top-quality electric airless paint sprayer equipment, ensuring you get a premium experience with any machine you choose.

Minimize Labor Costs

Labor Costs

Our airless electric paint sprayer units enable you to finish jobs quickly with minimum downtime so you can complete projects to an exceptionally high level while saving time and money on labor and other costly factors.

Shop the Best Brands

Shop the Best

You need to work with names you can trust which is why we maintain inventory of the best brands; shop our extensive collection and choose a Titan or Graco electric airless sprayer that fits your unique needs.

12-Month Warranty


Any purchase is better when it comes with peace of mind; we ensure you feel completely secure by providing a 12-year warranty on all electric airless sprayer equipment and a three-year guarantee on Graco electronics.

Financing Options


Take the stress out of trying to find the best financing; at Bolair, we will show you the best deals around, including leasing options, so that you can feel comfortable you’re getting the best commercial airless paint sprayer at the best rates.

Unmatched Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer experience is a top priority, so we focus on providing outstanding service during every stage of your experience, including initial consultation, discussing financing, delivery and installation, and training and servicing.

Bolair’s Line of Products

Benefits of Airless Paint Sprayers


Complete Jobs Faster

With an airless paint sprayer, you can get the job done in a fraction of the time you would with a traditional application. This means you can spend more time on other tasks and complete projects far quicker. Of course, this is ultimately great for the bottom line.

Better Quality

Nobody likes a rough paint job. With an airless paint sprayer, you don’t have to worry about brush strokes, roller marks, or an uneven application. You can apply paint with ease and achieve a professional, blemish-free finish.


With an airless paint sprayer, you can apply paint to otherwise tough-to-reach places. This means you can take on more intricate jobs that you might have otherwise avoided. Plus you can complete them quickly and with no fuss.

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Why You Should Choose Bolair?

Bolair is the first choice when it comes to hydraulic and electric spray equipment. We’ve been a mainstay in the industry for more than 30 years, unwavering in our dedication to providing high-quality equipment and impeccable customer service. You’ll find our top-of-the-line selection of electric, gas, and gas hydraulic sprayers has exactly what you’re looking for, and our team of highly-trained professionals will be ready to help at every stage of the purchase process.

Bolair is a name you can trust and rely on, supplying highly durable equipment backed by a 12-month warranty. When you purchase a Bolair machine, you’ll be more than equipped to serve your own customers’ needs. You’ll also be able to streamline your process with high-performance equipment that gets projects completed faster and to an impeccably high standard. In the long term, you’ll save a ton of time and money while seeing job satisfaction rates soar, all combining to increase profits.

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