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Polyurea Guns & Accessories

Choosing between an air-driven, electric or hydraulic Reactor is only the first step in designing your polyurea spraying system. It's equally important to select guns and accessories that will create optimum results for any given project.

Heated Hoses

The Graco heated hoses are a significant component of any calibration system. These are designed specifically for use with Reactor Equipment, ensuring accuracy when it comes to the heating process. With a steel-fabric reinforcement that provides 10 times the flex life of a regular coil, Graco Reactor Heated Hoses give you maximum versatility

Transfer pumps

When you're ready for a change of drums, instead of transferring the pump with all your tools and supplies on board, disconnect the air motor from the lower components just before moving it. This makes it easier to maneuver and more manageable weight-wise as well as reducing the height requirement for your rig.

Fusion AP Guns

Graco’s Fusion Air Purge is a favorite among contractors due to its efficiency and ease of use. The patented air-blast technology helps assure even application from start to finish, with less hassle in maintenance and downtime.

Fusion MP Guns

Available with a long-lasting polycarbonate or alloy mix module and tip that provides superior mixing capabilities, Graco Fusion MP guns are both lightweight and easy to use. Easy mechanical cleaning – mix modules and tips are cleaned with a drill bit - makes gun-cleaning quick, which is essential when it comes to appliances like these. 

GX-7 & GX-8 Guns

Both models come equipped with industry-proven mix and atomization technologies that allow them to handle harsh onsite conditions, delivering durable coatings for years of protection. The Graco GX 8 paints your structure much more smoothly than high volume airless options because its direct impingement mixing assures a smooth, high yield finish without any surface imperfections.

GAP guns

This is the perfect tool for professionals who need to spray their product quickly and accurately. The GAP air-purge spray gun has been designed with high output engines, hardened steel side seals that will never wear out easily like PVC ones do over time due to friction against metal surfaces; this ensures long lasting performance in any application you put it into!

Probler P2

The Probler P2 spray gun is a powerful and responsive tool for both polyurethane foam as well as polyurea applications.Its double-piston design ensures that it can tackle any project, without sacrificing performance or handling ease.

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