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Graco Reactor 2 E-XP2 Proportioners

Spray coating can be a very complex process, as polyurea materials require very specific conditions during application. A proportioner is a crucial part of the system that is responsible for accurately mixing A and B materials, heating the materials to the right temperature, and maintaining the correct viscosities. Graco is a leader in industrial fluid-handling equipment, and with their network-integrated E-XP2 proportioner, the highest level of coating performance can be achieved.

The Graco Reactor E-XP2 is a step up from the entry-level E-XP1. It comes with more robust functionality for higher-intensity jobs. Capable of handling all residential coating installations like garage floors, it's perfect for all home contractors. It is also highly capable of handling most commercial coating installations, such as those involving steel and concrete structural elements.

Spray Coating Proportioning with Integrated Technology Polyurea Spray Equipment

Similarly to the E-XP1, the E-XP2 features a hybrid heater and hose condition to maintain the correct material ratios and viscosity throughout the application process. Although being a fixed, stationary machine, the E-XP2 has a small footprint that allows for a larger operator range of motion. The knockdown lower pump can also be easily removed to facilitate maintenance and cleaning.

Compared to the E-XP1, the E-XP2 comes standard with noticeable performance upgrades. These include:

  • Brushless Motor That Requires Zero Maintenance over the Course of Its Lifespan
  • 3500 psi Maximum Working Pressure to Handle All Jobs
  • Maximum Spray Output of 2 Gallons (7.6 L) / Minute
  • 15.3 kW Heater Available in 230V - 1ph, 230V - 3ph, and 400V - 3ph Electrical Wiring Models
  • Customizable Attachment Packages such as the E-XP2 Elite

The main upgrade that the Graco E-XP2 proportioner provides is network integration with the Reactor 2 framework. This framework is a fully-digitalized control station that's accessible remotely via your phone. It can be used to optimize spray parameters, monitor your crew's performance, and aggregate data reports that can be utilized to improve workflows.

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