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Fusion AP

Make Polyurea and Polyurethane Foam Applications Quick and Easy with Fusion AP Guns 

Fusion AP guns are the most in-demand plural-component guns that you can use for polyurea as well as polyurethane foam applications. Incorporating the design and production of the Fusion AP gun, Graco’s Fusion AP gun offers a better combination of foam application and mix to other leading brands. At the same time, this innovative equipment can withstand even the toughest wear and tear with NO need for continuous cleaning and maintenance to keep it running. The Graco Fusion AP gun comes with the latest air-blast tip technology to protect against over-heating to get MORE work and LESS maintenance done. 

At Bolair, find an array of Graco Fusion AP gun models and parts to make your painting and coating applications faster, easier, and more efficient. We only select premium quality architectural painting and coating equipment that delivers the results you are looking for at LESS of a cost. Explore various Graco fusion AP gun models and select the one that meets your specific requirements by browsing through our extensive online showroom. You can also find different Graco fusion AP parts at Bolair to customize and improve the functionality and performance of your guns to better suit your needs.

Features of the Graco Fusion AP 

The Graco Fusion AP is designed to maximize work being done while minimizing the strain put on you and the equipment. Due to its ergonomic, lightweight, and comfortable handle, you can use Bolair’s Graco Fusion AP Guns without the risk of overheating equipment, hand cramps and more. Other features of note include enforced side seals, steel mix chambers, a grease port, an innovative mix design module, and a front cap, which you can tighten with your hand for a customizable user experience.

Uses of the Fusion AP Gun

You can use the fusion AP gun for various applications, including:

  • Adhesives

  • Polyurea

  • Polyurethane 

  • Spray foam

  • Coatings 

This highly versatile fusion spray gun can be applied on roof coatings, tank coatings, waterproofing, bed liners, foam insulation, and many more. These guns also come with a broad range of tip and chamber combinations so that you can arrange the proper setup quickly while shifting to different materials for an intuitive, efficient, and effective design.

Explore our range of fusion AP guns and parts today at Bolair!

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