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Fusion CS

Innovative Graco Fusion CS Gun for Polyurea and Foam Applications 

Bolair brings the most advanced and high-performing Graco Fusion CS gun to your neighborhood thanks to our groundbreaking ClearShot Technology. This versatile plural component gun eliminates the hassle of mixed chamber drilling by improving uptime and significantly decreasing maintenance downtime. Perfect for various spray foam and polyurea applications, purchase Graco’s Fusion CS Guns today from Bolair for a quality product guarantee.

 At Bolair, we ensure to only source genuine architectural painting and coating products from leading manufacturers. Additionally, we strive to make ourselves accessible to Canadians of all walks of life by keeping our prices low whilst never failing to provide top-notch quality.

Graco’s Fusion CS gun comes equipped with a disposable cartridge, which means you can remove the material after use while keeping the gun's mixing chamber clear. This saves you plenty of time every day during your spraying job so you can focus on getting the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Graco Fusion CS Gun’s Very Own Product Features

  • Revolutionary Plural-Component Technology Allows for Variable Flow to Change Seamlessly Between Spray Patterns

  • With Quick-Changing Fronts, Easily Swap Fluid Heads Quickly Within Seconds

  • Up to 75% Reduction in Purge Air with Minimized Foam Blowback

  • Pattern Flexibility for Better Spraying Versatility in Tighter, Hard-to-Reach Areas

  • ClearShot Technology Allowing for Quick Liquid Removal, Keeping your Mixing Chamber Clean 

  • Cross-Over Proofed Design

  • Latest Air Knife Directs Gun Front Clear from Foam

  • Adjustable Flow Settings 

  • Ideal for Amateur and/or DIY Applicators

Bolair has a wide array of Graco Fusion CS gun models with varying parts to fit your precise needs. Browse through our products to select one that best meets your needs and budget. 

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