Used Equipment

All Bolair Used Equipment is rebuilt and tested using OEM parts in our shops. All Used Equipment comes with a 30 day guarantee on defects. Contact your local branch today for pricing and availibility!


Any of the equipment below can be brought to your local branch, just ask! Freight charges will apply



Graco Fusion AP Spray Gun (Gun only) $1,800.00


Graco Fusion AP Spray Gun (Gun only) $1,800.00


Graco Fusion AP Spray Gun (Gun only) $1,500.00


Graco Fusion AP Spray Gun (Gun only) $1,500.00



Graco ToughTek S340e Bare $7,500.00


Graco ToughTek F340e Package $10,000.00


Graco TexSpray GTX2000EX Package $3,500.00



Graco 5:1 Monark Stubby length transfer pump $1,200.00


Graco DuraFlo circulation pumps - 2 total, plus one air motor - available seperately or for a package price 


Graco President 3:1 4-Ball Circulation Pump $5,000.00


Graco HiFlo Circulation Pump 234747 $5,250.00


Graco HiFlo Circulation Pump 218511 $5,000.00


Heavy-Duty Electric Back-Geared Agitator $500.00


Graco Surge Tanks (2) $3,500.00 each or $6,000.00 for the pair


Graco Pressure Tanks (1 Large and 1 Small) Small - $1,250.00 Large - $1,500.00 includes Delta XT spray gun


Graco Husky 1050 AODD 647018 $1,000.00


Guardian A5 Pumpline $500.00 AS-IS


Complete Old-Style Hydraulic Reactor Pumpline $5,000.00


ARO Transfer Pump Stubby Size $500.00


2 Aro Grease Pumps $500.00 each


Miscellaneous Elevators


Bulldog and Senator Air-Motors $1,200.00 each


King Air Motor 207647 $1,200.00


King Air Motor 245111 $1,200.00


President Air Motor 206078 $1,500.00


Graco Reactor E-8p package $13,000.00


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