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Uses of Industrial Finishing Equipment
August 25, 2023

Applications and Uses of Industrial Finishing Equipment

In many industries, products are not complete until they’ve been professionally coated with a specialty finish. These finishes serve to alter or enhance the visual and functional properties of their raw product, and every type of finish has a unique chemical composition that creates its desired coating properties, requiring intricate technology.  

Finishing application equipment is the technology that makes this coating process possible: this equipment is responsible for accurately mixing components to their correct ratios and uniformly applying them to the spray medium.  At Bolair Fluid Handling Systems, we’re proud to provide a range of different machines to industrial businesses in Canada, all from leading manufacturers. 

Industries That Utilize Finishing Equipment 

Industrial finishing is found throughout a number of sectors, but the process and function can look very different between each one. While surface durability is a common reason for finishing a product, waterproofing, fireproofing, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance are all just as frequently needed.   

A few of the industries that use finishing application systems the most include: 

  • Automotive and Marine: Paint finishing equipment is essential for the vehicle and boat industries. Manufacturers spray a variety of different paint coatings before their product is ready to hit the lot.  
  • Telecommunications: The communications and semiconductor industries rely on electrical connectivity, and these sectors often apply metal coatings to their components in order to ensure adequate conduction. 
  • Water Treatment: Water towers, pipes, tanks, and accessory components all must be resistant to water-induced rust and corrosion, provided by a protective finish coating.  
  • Flooring: Many residential and commercial flooring products are finished with an aesthetic and durable plural component coating that provides shine and wear resistance. 
  • Manufacturing: wood, metal, plastics 

Types of Finishing Applications and Their Functions

Certain finishes are only possible when combined with specific application methods, and these methods each require different types of equipment. Below are four system types that we carry at Bolair, as well as their various associated brands and models.  

1. Liquid Coating Equipment

Liquid coatings are by far the most commonly seen application method. This process coats the medium in a liquid state, which then dries and leaves behind a solid finish.   

This form of finishing requires a carrier liquid (normally water or a solvent) to transport the materials, and a resin product (polyurethane, epoxy, etc.) to adhere. Various pigments and additives are also incorporated into the fluid formula to give it your desired properties.  

Popular Brands & Products: Graco M2K Air Assist Mechanical Proportioner, Graco ProMix 2KS, Graco Merkur Spray Packages, Sames Kremlin Airmix Pump XCITE Spraying Unit 

2. Powder Coating

Powder coating is useful for applications that require a thicker finish. Unlike liquid coatings, there is no carrier, meaning it can be applied horizontally and vertically without dripping. Powder coating is applied electrostatically and cured under heat or UV.  

Popular Brands & Products: Gema OptiFlex 2 B, Gema OptiFlex Pro 

3. Automation & Robotics

Certain industries, such as manufacturing, require optimum efficiency. Robotic spray equipment allows manufacturers to reduce their necessary physical manpower and error margins by automating the process. Many robotic machines are adaptable, programmable, and utilize machine learning.  

Popular Brands & Products: CMA Robotics, Graco ProXP Auto Electrostatic Spray Guns, Graco AirPro Auto 

4. Paint Booths

Paint booths are best used when untampered coatings and spray precision matter for the quality of the final result. These enclosed spaces come equipped with exhaust fans, heating elements, and air filters to ensure that the coating process is never disrupted by dust particles, airflow, or environmental conditions.  

Popular Brands & Products: Rohner Batch Oven Booth, Rohner Crossdraft Spray Booth, Leif & Lorentz B3 & B5 

Choosing the Right Surface Finishing Technology: What to Keep in Mind 

There are multiple elements to consider when choosing a piece of new spray finishing equipment. The most important is intended function: it’s essential to understand what type of coating product and finish is needed for your project so that the correct tools can be purchased.  

Another important consideration is your operation’s output volume; the more products being coated or pushed through the assembly line, the larger the machine required. Finishing equipment with multiple spray guns also provides the opportunity to coat more than one medium at a time.   

Additionally, if a flawless finish is necessary - such as with consumer products such as cars - a paint room should be considered. For large operations not as concerned with cost, automation and robotics provide unrivalled benefits. 

Browse Bolair’s Collection of Industrial Finishing Equipment Today

No matter what industry you operate in or what type of coating machine you’re looking for, Bolair has a solution that will meet your needs. We have been fluid handling experts since 1982, and are motivated by our dedication to customer satisfaction, as demonstrated by our 12-month warranty and top-notch customer support services.  

When you choose Bolair, you’re guaranteed to receive a high-performing machine that’s up for every demanding industrial finishing job. Browse our complete collection and get in touch with a representative today for your free quote 

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