How to Choose the Best Mobile Spray Rigs for Your Business

Most spray foam and coating businesses in Canada serve a variety of clients in various geographical areas. One of their biggest challenges is finding a way to efficiently and safely transport all their equipment to these job sites.

Thankfully, mobile spray rigs provide the perfect combination of transportability, functionality, and ease of use. However, there are many iterations and configurations of these rigs out there, which is why it’s essential to understand the uses for mobile rigs, the various types that are available, and the features to look for in your purchase. In addition, one of the most critical things to be sure of is that your mobile spray rig is built for the temperatures where the work is being performed. Bolair knows what is required in Canada to ensure your mobile rig is set up for our extreme cold climate.

What Are Mobile Spray Rigs and What Are They Used For?

Spray rigs are a critical component to your foam and coatings business that are used in many different industries. They’re and essential piece of technology used in any spray foam and coating job, which contribute to applying liquid compounds over a wide surface area, efficiently and effectively.

Spray rigs are designed and built with a variety of components, each of which integrates with the others to create the final quality spray material. This includes transfer pumps to move liquid components from the containers, proportioners to accurately meter, heat, pressurize and monitor - the components, an electric, electric/hydraulic, or air-powered motor-spray machine that readies the product, and hoses (heated or non-heated), manifolds, mixers, and a spray gun for the final application. Various other accessories can also be added depending on the job type, and when all these devices are connected together, a complete spray rig is created.

Mobile spray rigs are a convenient variation of a stationary system. Instead of needing to be mounted in one location (as is commonly seen in warehouses), mobile rigs allow contractors to take their machines with them. The most versatile forms come as built-out trailers and box trucks, capable of being brought anywhere. A mobile spray rig is a business in a box.

What Types of Businesses Use Spray Rigs?

Some industries where you can most commonly find mobile rigs include:

  • Spray Foam Insulation: Temperature control is essential for proper spray foam installations. Diesel and gas-powered foam rigs provide an all-in-one solution that keeps A and B components at the correct viscosity so that they’re ready to spray.
  • Protective Coatings: The protective coatings industry services many different structures that need durable and long-lasting coatings. Water towers, tanks, bridges, steel structures, and pipes all benefit from regular touch-ups made possible by a mobile machine.
  • Roofing and Waterproofing: Commercial roofers and waterproofing companies often use mobile spray rigs to apply spray foam roofing systems, spray polyurea roofing systems and waterproofing systems. This ensures the roof or wall has a long lasting proction and to specifications.

The Types of Mobile Spray Rigs and Their Differences

Mobile spray rigs come in serveral styles and sizes, and can be designed to meet the exact needs of your business. Building these systems into a trailer or truck provides ultimate customizability, allowing contractors to carefully select the footprint of each unit and what components will be installed. Additionally, a rig provides increased mobility and allows the contractor to keep every piece organized - there’s no fumbling around at each job site, wasting precious time getting everything set up. As soon as it’s parked, the rig is ready to go.

At Bolair, we have four distinct types of mobile spray rigs for sale, each carefully crafted and engineered to align with the intricacies of any job.

Tag-Along / Bumper Pull

The tag-along or bumper pull is the most traditional trailer style. This mobile spray rig configuration is best for companies that utilize smaller, lighter-duty trucks, such as half and 3/4 tons. Bumper pulls are easier to integrate into an existing fleet, as they require no additional hardware except a ball hitch.

Our tag-along trailer is built with heavy-duty beam construction and is available in 14 ft, 16 ft, and 20 ft lengths. Because of its smaller size, it can only be outfitted with one proportioner, making it ideal for smaller commercial and residential jobs. Bolair’s 16FT tag trailer is the best seller for value and functionality.

Gooseneck Trailer

Goosenecks trailers are another variation of our mobile spray trailers that come with many of the same benefits as a pull-behind trailer. They are perfect for a company that has a dedicated fleet of pickup trucks and would like a rig that can be easily hitched up and brought to a job site. Unlike a tag-along trailer, goosenecks require a special bed-mounted ball hitch. This is an additional installation step that will need to be taken.

Upgrading to a gooseneck trailer offers many benefits over a standard bumper-pull. For starters, they’re much larger, and can accommodate a bigger mobile spray rig setup. Our models are available in 24 ft, 26 ft, and 28 ft variations, and can support up to a 14,000 GVWR due to the double axle configuration. This extra payload capacity allows for the installation of up to two proportioners per rig.

Despite their longer length, gooseneck trailers are easier to maneuver than a standard bumper-pull. Their bed-mounted configuration reduces their turning radius and allows drivers to make sharper turns and back down the trailer more smoothly.

Box Truck

Box trucks are a unique mobile spray rig setup that is ideal for companies that operate in more congested areas, such as cities. Trailers require substantial parking room, but a box truck can often be maneuvered into tighter spaces.

With box trucks, space is not sacrificed either. At Bolair, we offer box truck mobile rigs in both 18 ft and 28 ft lengths, proving full customization of a rig with two proportioners.

Portable Cart

Bolair has designed and manufactures portable cart systems that contain many of the components required for spraying, all in a secure mobile system. These systems are suitable for high rise appartments and condos or where a trailer or truck is unable to go or remain during the project.

How to Choose a Mobile Spray Rig: Things to Keep in Mind

While all this information may seem a bit overwhelming when it comes to deciding which mobile spray rig is right for you, at Bolair, we pride ourselves on offering new, one-of-a-kind installations that truly reflect the individual needs of our customers. No matter what types of jobs you typically work on or what your budget is, we can create a state-of-the-art solution that will work for you.

Below, we’ll address some of the key elements that you’ll want to consider when ordering your mobile spray rig.

Functionality and Features

Functionality is the most important consideration you need to make for your business. Every spray foam or protective coating company takes on different levels of projects, some larger than others, so it’s crucial that you pick a machine capable of handling your workload. Undersizing your operation will also cost you significantly more when you realize that your equipment is underpowered.

Use the table below to help you decide on the core features of your mobile spray rig:

Trailer SizeThe larger the spray trailer or box truck size, the more equipment you can safely mount inside. Trailers and trucks below 20 ft are best used for residential jobs, whereas 20+ ft trailers and trucks are ideal for large-scale commercial operations.
# of Proportioners
  1. Proportioner: Ideal for smaller projects that utilize one or two sprayers (when equipped with an accessory gun splitter valve).
  2. Proportioners: Perfect for larger, multi-team member spray jobs where more than one or two guns are needed.
# of Material SetsMany spray jobs require plural components (referred to as A and B materials). With room for multiple sets, you can lengthen how much time is needed before a refill.
Power OptionsTypically, most mobile spray rigs come with a gasoline or diesel-powered generator. There are various wattage ratings available to match your equipment’s electrical draw, as well as other alternative power methods.
AccessoriesEach mobile spray rig has a variety of optional accessories available. Choose from convenient features like workbenches, rooftop air conditioning units, and industrial-grade cabinets for tools.


Every industrial or construction company has a strict budget that they need to adhere to, and as such, cost ultimately becomes a massive factor in what type of mobile spray rig you choose to purchase. The vehicle or trailer itself will make up a large amount of the final price tag, and while additional options and accessories are nice to have, they also raise the price of your rig.

If you’re trying to save money on your purchase price, go with a smaller trailer or truck and a basic spray equipment setup. You may also be able to purchase a used spray rig, depending on our current inventory at Bolair.


No matter how large of a mobile rig you purchase, it will likely be a significant investment. Considering this, you’ll want to make sure that you’re selecting components from reputable, warranty-protected brands. There may be many manufacturers out there, but it’s always best to go with a trusted name like Bolair who offers, Graco, PMC, WiWa and Titan.

Graco manufactures a wide range of devices like the XM Plural Component Sprayer and Reactor series of sprayers and various auxiliary devices such as heated hoses and transfer pumps, all of which guarantee excellent quality control.

Find the Perfect Mobile Spray Rig at Bolair Fluid Handling Systems

If you’re looking to elevate your spray coating business’ efficiency and make it more practical and maneuverable, a mobile spray rig is your best bet. At Bolair, we have been the industry leader in fluid handling for more than 40 years, and with our tailored approach to rig designs, you’re sure to find the perfect configuration for the job.

Browse our extensive catalogue today to learn about all our options, and don’t hesitate to reach out for a free quote.